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Wednesday, 19 June 2024

Altaiski Rayon
arrow Belokurikha arrow Center of business, politics and science
Center of business, politics and science

Center of business, politics and science

Belokurikha is not only federal resort, but also the center of modem business life, business communication. Back in the late 20 th century, when the business capitals of the country recognized only Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the Altai resort city, which is in thousands of miles from Europe, constantly carried out international and all Russia business and scientific event!

Why business people, business people are attending retreats: meetings, congresses? Get the latest information, meet with colleagues, exchange views and experiences, promote their achievements, conduct negotiations, aside from the usual situation, and join the cultural offered program. A special area to meet all the above requirements is created in Belokurikha.

An international economic conference Western Siberia: a regions economy, investments has been permanent resident since 2002 . Economists and political scientists of the highest rank meet at the annual Siberian Davos. The International Forum of UNESCO Nature, ecology, man, meeting of the Interregional Association Siberian Agreement hosted. Belokurikha took Congress of builders of Siberia and winter grain conference, international meeting Siberia-Germany and visiting committees of the State Duma and Federation Council. If we make a kind of map of business activities, which were carried out here, then it is geographically spread of Russia and much of the developed foreign countries, and virtually - all areas of political, economic, cultural, scientific and social life.

Conference halls and rooms are equipped with almost all large enterprises of resort. In sanatorium Siberia JSC Resort Belokurikha equipped conference hall, which has no analogues in the Siberian Federal District, with a capacity up to 200 people. Effective presentation system and sound equipment, simultaneous translation, video conferencing, video archiving, video screenings and other technical marvels, necessary for activities at the highest level is in Belokurikha. There are concert halls, where you can conduct a large-scale meeting of VIP-persons, or the first showing of the film, small meeting rooms, multi-cultural and entertainment center, which is suitable for exhibitions at various levels, in sanatorium Belokurikha and Katun. Convenient accommodation for all participants of the largest conference or congress in one place is possibly in the spa complex.

The only beyond the Urals hotel and entertainment complex on an European level Belovodie has taken guests since 2006. Everything you need for work and leisure: Center for Business Communication, which is able to satisfy the taste of the most pretentious business community, multifunctional conference hall, designed for comfortable accommodation for up to 100 people and which is equipped with the most modem facilities, hotel rooms to accommodate participants of the events - is in the eight-storey building.

There are about a hundred conferences, meetings and other events that bring together tens of thousands of people is being in the business area of Belokurikha every year.

Ideal conditions for full reconciliation of work with no less than wholesome recreational activities - that's what modem Belokurikha. Belokurikha is the territory health, leisure and business with enormous potential for development.



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