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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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Алтай Resort
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Туризм на Алтае
Altaiski Rayon
Экскурсионные туры на Горный Алтай Пешие походы на Горный Алтай Сплавы по рекам Алтая Конные туры по Алтаю Велотуры по Алтаю
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Olympic ski slopes

Olympic ski slopes

If you visit Belokurikha in the winter months, it seems that this is not Balneotherapy and ski resort. People in bright sports equipment by many - from young kids up to seven years and give "Balzac" age. Among themany undeniable advantages Belokurikha special place is occupied by the magnificent ski slopes and European level. The combination of natural beauty, unique climate and infrastructure attracts Belokurikha fans of mountain skiing and snowboarding from all over Russia and even from abroad.

The ski resort "Grace", located in the resort area, surely becomes the center of ski tourism and sport Siberia. Beautiful trails of varying complexity/ from 950 m to 600 m in length, the natural snow cover from November to March, chairlifts and ski lifts of the network of modern, very comfortable automated system throughput. There are places to rent gear, worked as an instructor to teach skating to skiing and snowboarding, are equipped with trails for riding on snoutyubah and other entertainment. Slopes equipped with artificial osnezhivaniya, it allows to extend the season until the end of April. At the top of the mountain churches fans of extreme skiing delivers the longest of the Urals ski tows.

In Belokurikha constantly ski competitions are held, at various levels, from the boundary to the international. Tradition has embarked on the slopes of "grace" stage of the annual Cup of Russia "Award Altai". The natural conditions allow the athletes to show mastery of the most interesting and spectacular nominations: giant slalom, super giant slalom special. Since 2008, Belokurikha open Specialized children-youthful sport schdol of Olympic reserve "Alpine Skiing".

Conducted at the resort and other original event, for example, the traditional "Snow Ball" in the form of outdoor event. A little church in the summer slopes of the mountain lovers take mountain biking, cycling cross-country: here regularly field velosorevnovaniya Russia's level.


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Экскурсионные туры на Горный Алтай Пешие походы на Горный Алтай Сплавы по рекам Алтая Конные туры по Алтаю Велотуры по Алтаю
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